July 30 is UN World Day Against Human Trafficking. Be their voice. Say NO to Human Trafficking

Eradicate Challenge

  • Human trafficking doesn’t have to involve shipping containers or crossing borders, it’s happening in communities across Canada, including Hamilton and region.
  •  Human trafficking involves recruiting, transporting, or holding victims to exploit them or to help someone else exploit them, generally for sexual purposes or work. Traffickers get their victims to comply through different forms of coercion.
  • In this modern-day form of slavery, traffickers can maintain control over a victim in many different ways. It might be physical or psychological, through manipulation, threats, and the abuse of trust and power.
  • Victims may be trafficked by someone they know: a former or current partner, family member, friend, co-worker, or boss.


Organizations in Canada and across the global are working to raise awareness of this fastest growing organized crime and provide support for the victims (like Courage for Freedom).

Learn the signs. Take Action. Join Zonta Club of Hamilton to raise awareness. #BeTheir Voice leading up to July 30– the UN World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. 

ZC Hamilton 1 members and friends join the movement.